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We can make any shape topiary at any size. They can be planted in your yard or landscape to add character and just because they look so cute!! The wire cages/frames depending on size and shape can range from $15 to $25 per foot.


Topiary shapes in your garden or landscape are great and easy to take care of. Some hardy shrubs I use are Rosemary, japanese boxwoods and dwarf Myrtles.

The topiaries that are stuffed with moss perfer a mostly shady place especially in summertime. Morning sun is ok..cooler tempts just about any location ok.

You can also put them indoors as house plant. just water in the sink in a place were it gets a little sun ok.

The topiaries with moss need a good soak atleast twice a week, extra in summer. The shrub topiaries can be added to your regular sprinkler system.


Topiary shapes I make are dolphins,cats,dogs,turtles, frogs,hearts,seahorse,monkeys,humming birds,bunny,bears, bunnys, elephants,giraffes,  llamas,chickens,ducks,watering cans, teacups, teapots,pigs and more!!
We Ship them!!

Topiaries make great gifts for Mothers Day, birthdays, Christmas,valentines Day or for any ocassion. We can ship anywhere in the U.S.estimated charges could $12 -$35 depending on size and  weight.